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Total Body + Core Workout

It's time for #WorkoutWednesday! This week we're bringing you a total body and core workout. Follow along with the video to see how each exercise is done. 3-5 rounds Offset KB squat x5/side Side plank with double abduction aka "starfish" x10/side Hollow hold with...

Booty Lab Glute Workout

Every workout has a little glute work. Hello, it's Booty Lab! The weekly glute workout consists of 3 exercises to strength and tone those glutes. Give it and try, and if you have any questions, let me know! 12 minutes (3-5 rounds) BB hip thrust x8-10 Seated band abd....

Total Body Summer Workout

Try this total body workout just in time for summer! Strength training can not only change your physique but help you get stronger and have more energy for all your summer activities! 12 EMOM Bench press x8  Sumo deadlift x8Standing double loaded hip abduction x8/side...


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