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Where Personal Training Meets Group Fitness Classes

Take your fitness routine to the next level with small group strength training classes

Booty Lab’s “Strength Lab” will help you build strength and reach your fitness goals in our semi-private, small group training classes. Learn how to lift weights and gain lean muscle all while sculpting your glutes. Confidence comes from within, and we’re here to help you find it – while having fun!

Small Group Fitness Classes

Our groups are limited to 6 people. You get the benefits of personal training with the community aspect of fitness classes. We believe personalized attention, accountability, and of course, a fun atmosphere are key to your success.  

Lifting doesn’t equal bulkiness!

You’ll build lean muscle and sculpt that booty. You’ll have more confidence, strength and endurance to take into your everyday life.


There’s a plan for you!

When you join Booty Lab, we’ll help you find days and times that best fit your schedule. Since each class is limited to 6 people, we can customize your workout to fit your needs.

I joined Booty Lab in the hopes of turning my life around. I was getting dangerously close to becoming a type II diabetic, I was so insecure with how I looked and I was incredibly unhealthy. I desperately needed a change. Working with Rebecca at BootyLab throughout the years has given me an entirely new outlook on fitness. I don’t dread the gym anymore; in fact, I love it!  I started with personal training and then transitioned into the small groups which was an excellent choice. I now have a wonderful support system of genuinely amazing ladies and I’m so grateful for that. The unhealthy girl who timidly walked through the gym doors the first day is no more. I have more confidence and I haven’t been this healthy in longer than I remember. My hemoglobin A1c is almost perfect, and I’m down 20 pounds from when I started. I’ve gained lean muscle and I have so much more energy! I can not recommend this facility or this team highly enough. This isn’t a gym, it’s a family.  –Erin, Booty Lab Client


How the groups work:

Each group is 50 minutes. We start with a warm-up dedicated to your daily workout, followed by a strength workout that consists of total body with of course an emphasis on glutes. Each workout is led by a certified personal trainer to assist you with not only form but extra motivation.

The difference between Booty Lab and other facilities?

We can track all your hard work. Each client gets an individualized profile on the Booty Lab app that tracks all your strength goals as well as your transformation photos and measurements. Need accountability? We also have a community forum on the app to keep clients motivated and up- to-date with all things Booty Lab.

Want the best results?

At Booty Lab, we recommend 3 or more days a week for optimal results in building lean muscle and overall strength. Our personal trainers will help personalize a schedule plan that works for you!

Ready for a new gym experience?

Use the Chat Box to talk with our trainers about your goals and learn more about Booty Lab!

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