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4 Ways to Do Glute Bridges

4 Ways to Do Glute Bridges Last week went talked about the proper way to do a basic glute bridge. Before trying different variations of the glute bridge make sure you have the proper form. This week let's put it into action and progress the movement. Make sure you...

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How to Do a Glute Bridge

Do you know how to properly perform the glute bridge? Here is a quick how-to video! See if you can spot the difference between the two exercises. The first demonstration is the wrong way to do a glute bridge. I am hyperextending my low back and not engaging my glutes....

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Glute Building Workout for Women

This glute building workout for women is all about building glute strength and sculpting that booty! Strong, sexy glutes, YASS please! Why Glute Strength is Important Having strong glutes are for more than just making those jeans look good! Your glutes actually have...

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Self-Care is Not Selfish

I hear all the time every reason and excuse of why you can't exercise or why you can't eat healthily. Trust me I'm not knocking any of those reasons. In my personal opinion, we are creating personal boundaries in front of ourselves to give us an out.  An out, when we...

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Booty Workout | Weekly Workout

You know at Booty Lab we love to work the glutes. This week's workout is all about toning and sculpting that BOOTY!  If you love to lift like me or want to learn how to start, check out our strength training classes. Follow Along With the Booty Workout Video to See...

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Total Body Gym Workout

Happy Wednesday, babes. Make time this week for a total body gym workout!  You'll work your arms, core and glutes plus a little cardio exercise.  Follow Along With the Video to See How Each Exercise is Done!Total Body Gym Workout 3 rounds  Dumbbell bench press x 8-12...

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Ultimate Glute Workout

Are you ready for the ultimate glute workout? You can easily do this workout at the gym or grab some dumbbells and resistance band for a great at-home workout! As you are doing each exercise, remember to focus on your glutes to get the most tension.  Follow Along With...

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Compound Movements Total Body Workout

Whether you’ve been following or just started following me, you should know I love to work the glutes. But that doesn’t mean I sacrifice the rest of the body! If you want to be lean and strong, you have to work the total body. This Compound Movements Total Body...

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Creating a Healthy Lifestyle That Gives You Freedom

Today I ate fast food Today I ate fast food. I ate fast food because I was busy, tired, sad, angry, depressed, craving it, etc. ... After I ate it, I immediately felt guilty. So I proceeded to tell everyone that I feel bad about myself for eating fast food.  Is this...

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How to Build Strong Glutes | Weekly Workout

This week's workout is all about building strength - specifically how to build strong glutes!  Did you know building lean muscle takes a minimum of 8-12 weeks to start seeing results? It is important to stay consistent and keep pushing towards those goals! As much as...

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Booty Gains Workout

Happy Wednesday, Babes! Let's keep focusing on your form this week. If you want those booty gains, you have to take your time an build slowly. This Booty Gains Workout is a great place to start! I see too many workout programs that promise results after 7,14, 30 days....

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Strength Gains Workout

Strength gains are great, but without good form, it’s hard to make progress. Let's focus on our form this week, ladies! I promise if you take your time, you will see results!  Follow Along With the Video to See How Each Exercise is Done!Strength Gains Workout 3...

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