Tips for Returning to the Gym

It might be difficult getting back into after some time off, but anyone can do it!

Many of us have been doing at home workouts or more cardio/outside training. It is important to walk before running when hitting the weights again. Here are some tips for safely returning to the gym after quarantine.

First, be Patient with Yourself
You’re not going to be lifting the same weights for the first couple of weeks. That doesn’t mean your weak or your losing muscle. Your body needs to be reacquainted with how the weights feel. The last thing you would want is trying too heavy of a weight and then injury yourself. Then, you have a bigger issue and no gym.

Second, Start Small.
No need to accomplish all things in one session. Hey! I get it your excited to be at a gym. You feel like your at an amusement park that allows unlimited rides.

Fingers crossed the gyms are not closing again, so let’s take our time. The easiest way to maximize your time is through following a program. Find one that fits your personal goals. You want to enjoy how you train, or you’ll never stick to it. The best results are through staying consistent.

Last, What’s your Why?
Why are you at the gym? Why are you working out? This is really important because you need this push on days your tired or just don’t feel like training. You need to remember your purpose. My purpose changes often. Sometimes my intention is based on strength goals while others, it’s on physique changes. That’s what’s so cool about strength training. It allows you to be flexible and constantly make changes if you put in time and energy.

So, if you take anything away from this, I would say be patient with yourself, have a plan, and have a why.

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