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Creating a Healthy Lifestyle That Gives You Freedom

Today I ate fast food Today I ate fast food. I ate fast food because I was busy, tired, sad, angry, depressed, craving it, etc. ... After I ate it, I immediately felt guilty. So I proceeded to tell everyone that I feel bad about myself for eating fast food.  Is this...

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How to Build Strong Glutes | Weekly Workout

This week's workout is all about building strength - specifically how to build strong glutes!  Did you know building lean muscle takes a minimum of 8-12 weeks to start seeing results? It is important to stay consistent and keep pushing towards those goals! As much as...

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Booty Gains Workout

Happy Wednesday, Babes! Let's keep focusing on your form this week. If you want those booty gains, you have to take your time an build slowly. This Booty Gains Workout is a great place to start! I see too many workout programs that promise results after 7,14, 30 days....

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Strength Gains Workout

Strength gains are great, but without good form, it’s hard to make progress. Let's focus on our form this week, ladies! I promise if you take your time, you will see results!  Follow Along With the Video to See How Each Exercise is Done!Strength Gains Workout 3...

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Lower Body Burnout with Band Workout

At Booty Lab, we love a good glute burnout! This lower body burnout with band workout does not disappoint. You'll be feeling the burn. Adding the bands will make you dance! TIP: My favorite bands are the Glute Loop by Bret Contreras. If you need a band, you can order...

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Shoulder and Glute Workout

Shoulders meet quads and glutes! This total body shoulder and glute workout will maximize your time in the gym. I'm all about time management!  If you don't have a barbell you can always use dumbbells instead. Follow Along With the Video to See How Each Exercise is...

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Simple Total Body Workout

Simple yet effective! This simple total body workout proves that not all workouts have to be over complicated or look crazy! Exciting movements do not equal muscle, but consistent training over time, known as progressive overload, equals results. Follow Along With the...

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Total Body Strength Workout

 Strength training doesn't have to be complicated. And if you're hitting the gym, why not do total body workout!? Glutes. Arms. Core. Give this total body strength workout a try! P.S. One of my favorite movements is deadlifts. Try the single leg movement in this...

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Strength Workout for Women

Independence Day is almost here! So, what better way to celebrate than with a major total body strength workout for women that focuses on your glutes, arms, and core.  Follow Along With the Video to See How Each Exercise is Done!Strength Workout for Women 12 EMOM...

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Strength Workout

June is all about the booty! Check out all our #WorkoutWednesday videos for booty sculpting workouts. I love lifting weights but I don't always use barbells. There are many exercises you can do to strength train. Here are a few of my favs! Try this as a burn out to...

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Strong Glutes Workout

June is all about strong glutes here at Booty Lab!  But, do you know what exercises target your glutes? Follow me each week to see the many exercises needed to develop strong glutes and lean muscle. order to build you must lift! This week's workout will help...

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Summer Booty Workout

This week is all about the Summer Booty Workout! If you've ever wondered what we do at Booty Lab, look no further than my workout Wednesday videos. Here's a sneak peek of what our booty babes are working on. Give this workout a try when you're at the gym or join us at...

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