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3 Essential Movements for Any Glute Program

Essential Movements to Build Your Glutes This week we are sharing the 3 movements that are a must in every glute program! Each of these exercises will help you build strength and sculpt that booty. Watch the video below to see how each movement is done and then scroll...

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Booty Building Hip Thrust Workout

The #1 way to get your glutes stronger and more developed is through Hip Thrusts. These are a weekly staple at Booty Lab. This workout will have your glutes burning! But first, let's make sure you have the proper form. If you're new to hip thrusts, check out my video...

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At-Home Glute Workout to Strengthen that Booty

Sometimes a chair and a basket are all you need to get an effective workout. This week's workout doesn't require any equipment or weights! Really, all you need is a chair and a sturdy basket. Try this at-home glute workout to strengthen that booty! Try this...

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Glute Workout that Requires Minimal Equipment

It's the week of LOVE! Whether you're celebrating Galentine's Day with your girls or Valentine's Day with your babe, we can all agree it's a great day for a booty workout. #gluteday (everyday)! ??   We love lifting heavy weights at Booty Lab, but I know not...

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7 Types of Lunges to Build Your Glutes

Build That Booty with These 7 Types of Lunges There are so many ways to do lunges! I love lunges and use them all the time to mix things up at the Lab!  Lunges help strengthen and tone your legs as well as sculpt that booty! Here are multiple ways to...

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At-Home Glute Workout. No Equipment Needed!

Hey, I get it! Sometimes you can't make it to the gym even when it's on your schedule. Or you're traveling for work and still want to get a workout in. Here is a way to not skip a beat and still get that booty workout. Weights not needed with this at-home glute...

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5 Plank Variations to Strengthen Your Entire Body

5 Plank Variations to Strengthen Your Entire Body Planks are one of my favorite exercises. Why? Because it works your entire body! It is a great way to engage your core and glutes. You may think planks are boring and basic. Well, here are a few plank variations to...

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How to do a Pistol Squat

Here's how to properly do a pistol squat: Wanna know how to do a pistol squat? This is an advance movement that takes practice and progression. In the video, you will see how to start as a beginner and move to more advanced movements. 1. Assisted single-leg squat 2....

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Best Total Body Warm-Up for Strength Training

Total Body Warm-Up + How to Video Hi, Booty Lab ladies! I have people ask me all the time: What should I do to warm-up before lifting weights? You ask and you shall receive! This warm-up can be used for any strength day. I recommend 3 rounds with 5-10 reps of each:...

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How to Lift and Rack a Barbell the Right Way

Learn the First Step to Using a Barbell Rack It's a New Year! And what better way to start off 2020 than learning how to lift and rack a barbell the right way. Each rack is different but you always want to make sure you're not loading your lower back.  Starting a...

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How to do a Push-Up the Right Way

Learn How to do a Push-Up The Right Way Here's a strength exercise you can do that works your total body! No equipment required.   Not sure how to perform a push-up? Don't worry, I gotcha!   Watch the video to first see what NOT to do, and then see the...

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How to do a Proper Kettlebell Swing

Do you know the right way to do kettlebell swings? Have you ever performed a kettlebell swing and feel like you are doing them wrong? Do you feel your lower back during or when you finished? If so, you probably have the wrong form, but don't worry! I'm going to show...

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