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Gym vs. Home Exercises

Get A Great Workout In With These Gym And Home Exercises Today you are getting a full-body workout with the same exercises for gym and home. Regardless of your equipment, you can get a great strength workout. When the gyms were closed during quarantine, this is...

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Glute Burnout with a Mini Band Glute Loop

Glute Burnout with a Mini Band Glute Loop Do this at the end of your booty workout for a serious burn! At Booty Lab, we love adding a few glute burnout exercises at the end of our booty workouts to make sure we are really getting the most out of our workout! All you...

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Exercises for All Levels

Exercises for All Levels You can still get a great workout in whether you are at the beginner, intermediate or advanced level! Not everyone is starting at the same level, so we need progressions to accommodate these levels. I have beginner, intermediate, and advanced...

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Mini Band Burnout

Mini Band Burnout This is the perfect way to finish your booty workout! My ladies at Booty Lab always test out my mini band finishers for you guys. Keep in mind Booty Lab is not for elite athletes or lifters. These are women with a variety of backgrounds, body types,...

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How To Do Your Favorite Exercises In The Gym And At Home

Gym Moves Versus Home Moves Just because you are working out at home doesn't mean you can't get just as good of a workout in! You can complete your favorite exercises from anywhere!   Whether you transitioned from working out in a gym to working out at home, you...

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How to Create Healthy Habits that Actually Stick

How to Create Healthy Habits that Actually Stick It can sometimes be tricky to stick to those healthy habits that you keep telling yourself you are going to start, but are they realistic? Keep reading to get some tips on how to create those habits and actually stick...

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How to do a Frog Thrust

How to do a Frog Thrust All about the frog! These are one I struggled with feeling when I first started incorporating them into my workouts. Heres's some tips on how to get a better burn using this frog thrust glute variation: Wedge your feet Elevate your head Pause...

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Glute Loop Burn Out

Glute Loop Burn Out This is the perfect finisher for your glute day! This is a sneaky glute loop burn out you can complete at the end of your booty workout, or as an accessory if you are having a more chill workout. Two simple exercises combined make for some major...

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Basic Strength Movements for Maximum Results

Basic Strength Movements for Maximum Results It's important to get the basic strength movements down first before advancing to anything harder! We see crazy exercises all the time on Instagram! But why overcomplicate things?! I get it! You want to do something hard......

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Tips for Returning to the Gym

Tips for Returning to the Gym It might be difficult getting back into after some time off, but anyone can do it! Many of us have been doing at home workouts or more cardio/outside training. It is important to walk before running when hitting the weights again. Here...

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Test Your Glutes Challenge

Test Your Glutes Challenge Glutes are the focus here at Booty Lab, here are some great exercises to grow that booty! So clearly you guys loved testing out those glutes from our challenge a few weeks ago. So, I wanted to send you another glutes challenge. Today's...

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6 Exercises to Strengthen Your Back

6 Exercises to Strengthen Your Back A strong, lean back can help you when working out the rest of your body! I don't know about you but I love a strong back! and a backside lol! Here are a few ways to strengthen your back and show off those lean muscles with 6...

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