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Glute Bridge Workout – At-Home with No Equipment Needed!

Glute bridges are a must in any good glute program! This glute bridge workout is made up of some of my favorite glute bridge variations and will give you all the advantages of a standard glute bridge. Benefits of the Glute Bridge Glute bridges are great for toning and...

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3 Ways to do Hip Thrusts Without Weights

3 Ways to Do Hip Thrusts Without Weights  Our Booty Lab Wednesday workouts are not about overcomplicated movements. Too many trainers feel like they have to entertain the public with something new and fresh, but no one is too advanced for the basic movements! I focus...

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At-Home Hamstring Workout

Today's workout is dedicated to your hamstrings and glutes followed by some accessory glute work with glute medius and minimus. Remember, with my past videos that you want to foucs on mind muscle connection. Focus on what you are working on, and you will feel it...

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Effective Glute Workout for Women

Get an effective glute workout! The focus for this workout is the glute squeeze. Too many people go through the motions without feeling their glutes. Why is that? A few things come to mind: Speed, which is making the workout aerobic, not foucisng on the mind-muscle...

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Glute Loop Workout

No Equipment Needed! Just Grab Your Glute Loop for This Workout.   I have been posting the last 4 weeks on must-have exercises in a glute program. I recognize that everyone may not have access to a fully equipped gym or maybe no weights at all. So, I decided to...

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At-Home Total Body Workout | No Equipment Needed

Hey babes! I'm back at it with my at-home workouts. During this time of social distancing, it's important to remember to take care of your physical and mental health. Exercise is one way to do that! This at-home workout can be done with no equipment, but I do...

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Total Body At-Home Workout

Total Body At-Home Workout The social distancing continues... so the at-home workouts continue! This week's workout is a great total body workout to get up and moving.  If you want more at-home workouts, be sure to check out the Booty Lab by Becca app! Total Body...

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At-Home Strength Workout for Women

During this time of social distancing, I know a lot of you are missing your gyms and normal routine. So this month, to help out you continue reaching your fitness goals, I creating weekly at-home workouts that you can do with little to no equipment. You don't have to...

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3 Glute Bridge Variations to Strengthen Your Glutes

It's week three of learning the most important exercises you should have in any glute program. Today is the glute bridge! In this video, I'll show you: 1. the barbell glute bridge 2. the feet elevated glute bridge 3. the single-leg feet elevated glute bridge. Now,...

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3 Hip Thrust Variations to Build Your Glutes

This Week is All About the Hip Thrust! Last week, I shared the 3 movements that are a must in every glute program... the hip thrust, glute bridge, and deadlift. This week we're focusing on the Hip Thrust! In this video, I'll show you how to do 3 hip thrust variations...

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3 Essential Movements for Any Glute Program

Essential Movements to Build Your Glutes This week we are sharing the 3 movements that are a must in every glute program! Each of these exercises will help you build strength and sculpt that booty. Watch the video below to see how each movement is done and then scroll...

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Booty Building Hip Thrust Workout

The #1 way to get your glutes stronger and more developed is through Hip Thrusts. These are a weekly staple at Booty Lab. This workout will have your glutes burning! But first, let's make sure you have the proper form. If you're new to hip thrusts, check out my video...

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