How to Create Healthy Habits that Actually Stick

It can sometimes be tricky to stick to those healthy habits that you keep telling yourself you are going to start, but are they realistic? Keep reading to get some tips on how to create those habits and actually stick to them!

Which one can you relate to?

I will workout 7 days a week
I will track all my calories
I will not drink for 30 days
I will not eat any sweets starting tomorrow
I will drink a gallon of water a day
I will pick one or two things I know I can accomplish for a week.
I will schedule to workout 2-3 times per week
I will pick the type of exercise I enjoy, not what I think makes you lose weight
I will try to drink one extra glass of water
I will modify my drinking during the week

Making Healthy Habits

Habits take time. Did you know it takes the average person 66 days to make a new behavior automatic? I get it! Your motivated, and you want to do it all, but what if doing it all results in doing nothing?

Making small changes over time creates lifelong habits that you can maintain.

So, start small because something is better than nothing when making changes. Give yourself some gratitude, and enjoy the process.

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