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3 Ways to do Hip Thrusts Without Weights

3 Ways to Do Hip Thrusts Without Weights  Our Booty Lab Wednesday workouts are not about overcomplicated movements. Too many trainers feel like they have to entertain the public with something new and fresh, but no one is too advanced for the basic movements! I focus...

At-Home Hamstring Workout

Today's workout is dedicated to your hamstrings and glutes followed by some accessory glute work with glute medius and minimus. Remember, with my past videos that you want to foucs on mind muscle connection. Focus on what you are working on, and you will feel it...

Effective Glute Workout for Women

Get an effective glute workout! The focus for this workout is the glute squeeze. Too many people go through the motions without feeling their glutes. Why is that? A few things come to mind: Speed, which is making the workout aerobic, not foucisng on the mind-muscle...


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