The #1 way to get your glutes stronger and more developed is through Hip Thrusts. These are a weekly staple at Booty Lab. This workout will have your glutes burning! But first, let’s make sure you have the proper form.

If you’re new to hip thrusts, check out my video to see the right AND wrong way to do a hip thrust. Then, come back and do this booty building hip thrust workout!

Proper Hip Thrust Form

The glute-guru, Bret Contreras, breaks down the proper form for hip thrust in 10 steps

  1. Push Through The Heels
  2. Ensure Vertical Shins At The Top Of The Movement
  3. Keep Your Knees Out
  4. Achieve Full Hip Extension
  5. Slightly Posterior Tilt The Pelvis
  6. Keep Ribs Down
  7. Maintain Forward Eye Gaze
  8. Make Fists And Dig Arms Into The Bench
  9. Breathe Big And Brace Core Prior Before Each Lift
  10. Pause At The Top With A Big Glute Squeeze

Here is a little taste of what we do at Booty Lab. Give it a try and let me know how those glutes are feeling afterward! ?

Follow Along With the Video!

Booty Building Hip Thrust Workout

Build Strong Glutes with Hip Thrust

  • Hip thrust x10
  • Iso hold x10
  • Hip thrust x10
  • Iso hold x10

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