Women-Owned Businesses We Love!

As a woman-owned business, we are always looking for other woman-owned businesses that we can support! We collab with other women-owned businesses to show that we are about support and not competition. There is plenty of room for us all to be successful and supportive of each other. Luckily, there are a lot of awesome women-ran businesses in our Wilmington community that we get to support. (We like to support local businesses and them being women-owned is a bonus!) Today, we wanted to give them a shoutout and key you in to some of these great businesses!


Dr. Colleen Rollo is a physical therapist who works directly with us on client injuries and modifications!
We love giving our clients gift cards here for their birthdays! They have delicious coffee and great vibes!
We work with Amy for some of our postpartum clients.
Another awesome woman owned gym in Wilmington!
Emily Tippett is a client and another small business in town that we love to support! She has amazing, hand-thrown pottery.
We have worked with them before for different Booty Lab events!
CHAARG is a women’s group that supports women and fitness and we love collabing with future young ladies in their health and fitness journey.
Thrive is a local apparel company that showcases all the latest athletic trends and brands that we love at BL. A lot of the outfits we wear in the gym is from here!
Casa Prana is a sustainable vegan and holistic salon and head spa in town. The owner is a client and a friend!
Women supporting women is a cornerstone of Booty Lab. It creates a sense of solidarity, breaks down barriers, and amplifies voices, which ultimately drives positive change for women everywhere. We are so thankful for all of these women-owned businesses and are always looking to support others! If you are a women-owned business in Wilmingto or even in other areas, reach out and let’s do something!

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