Tips for Strength Training while Pregnant

Hey Mamas! Try out these exercise alternatives!

As you probably know, I am pregnant – and I’ve kept with my strength training program! Today, I’m sharing a few modifications that you can do to make my go-to glute movements more comfortable if you’re pregnant.

Remember, ALWAYS consult your doctor before starting a fitness program while pregnant.

Instead of a regular glute bridge, try a head elevated glute bridge.

Instead of a regular hip thrust, try a hip thrust with shorter range of motion and wider stance


-If you were strength training before, you can (most likely) continue to do so with some modifications – IF your doctor gives you the go ahead!
-Regular exercise is recommended for most pregnant women (unless your doctor advises otherwise).
-Always listen to your body!
-Slow down or take a longer breaks as needed!

If you have any questions about “pregnancy modifications” for your favorite strength movements, feel free to contact me! You can also check out this article for more information on exercise during pregnancy!

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How to Do Each Modified Strength Training Movement

Head Elevated Glute Bridge

Place a small foam block or pillow under your shoulders so that you aren’t laying flat on the ground. Bend your knees, keep your feet flat on the floor, keep your pelvis tucked and your core tight. Press through your heels and lift your hips up. Squeeze your glutes at the top and then lower your hips back down for 1 rep.

Hip Thrust with a Shorter Range of Motion and Wider Stance

Position your shoulder blades on the top of a bench or block. Position your feet so that they are slightly wider than hip-width apart. Wiht your knees at a 90 degree angle, dip your hips down, then by driving through your feet, lift your hips. Keep your weight in your feet and shoulder blades. Slowly lower back down for 1 rep. Shorten your range of motion to where it is comfortable for you. Remember to keep your core tight!


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