Tips for Getting Back on Track


It’s back to school season! And whether you are still in school, have kids in school, are an empty nester or are just living life, this time of year is when people like to create new habits and “get their ish together”. It can seem overwhelming when you are flooded with ways to change your routines or improve your diet or completely shift how you go about day to day life. It’s a season of change, but change doesn’t have to be bad! Here are a few ways to get back on track and take care of yourself!


Getting Back on Track

First, give yourself some grace! Were human, imperfect, and bound to make mistakes. Give yourself a break and remember that when it comes to goal setting and achieving it’s not about what we do perfectly or horribly, it’s about what effort we put in a majority of the time.

Second, acknowledge what caused you to fall off track and what you can learn from the situation. Is it within your control or outside of your control? What changes can you make moving forward?

Third, take responsibility for your actions. Whether a win or a loss, it’s yours to claim. Unless it is a situation completely outside of your control, it is completely up to you to stay the course and put in the necessary action to achieve your goals, it is no one else’s responsibility.

Fourth, breathe, let it go, refocus, and get back to it! If you find that you need to edit or refine some of your goals or plans in order to effectively reach them, then please do! There’s nothing wrong with reflection and revision!

Lastly, ask for help. You don’t need to know it all or be able to do it all on your own. Ask for help when you need it. Whether it’s advice from a coach, support from a spouse, or patience from a friend, don’t be afraid to ask!

Mental Health Practices

To Have Fun & Loosen Up a Bit

Sometimes all it takes is switching things up and having fun! Here are some things you could do to loosen up a bit get the ball rolling:

  • Crank up the music and have a dance party in the car/shower/living room
  • Meet up with a friend for coffee or lunch
  • Try a new fitness/cooking/art class
  • Host a game night with friends and family

To Rest & Recover:

Busy summer? We get that! Taking time to rest and recover from summer craziness can help put you in the right headspace for what is to come. Here is how:

  • Take a nap
  • Schedule a massage/facial/pedicure
  • Take a long shower or bath
  • Read a book on the beach

To Gain Clarity & Invite Change:

Like we said, it’s a season of change, and change can be intimidating! Here are some things you can do to mentally prepare for the season ahead:

  • Read a self health book
  • Have a heart to heart with a trusted friend, mentor, or counselor
  • Journal your thoughts
  • Set your goals and make a plan

    Whatever you are currently going through, know that you aren’t alone, and there is hope! There are many practical ways to recover and get back on track from whatever you may be going through. And it’s not as intimidating as it might seem at first!!

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