Strength Training for Women- Caroline’s Story

During the first few months of college, I started noticing some weight gain. Towards the end of the year, I started eating less and less and started running more. 

I went to the gym, but my workouts were all over the place, and I never stuck to a program… I just did workouts off the top of my head. I was constantly sore and tired. I thought that was how it was supposed to be. This lasted off and on until junior year summer when I started my internship with Booty Lab. 

I was always praised for the weight I had lost, and I just wanted to keep getting smaller. I always sought compliments and validation from others. So, it was hard when Rebecca told me I needed to run a little less and lift heavier. 

I was scared of getting bigger, but I listened and started using the Booty Lab app and stuck to each of the programs. My mindset started to shift. 

I made strength training a priority, and now I go on runs if I want to, not because I have to. 

I didn’t realize how important nutrition is when strength training. Instead of trying to keep my calories so low, I started focusing on getting enough protein to support my goals. Staying on a consistent program where I focus on heavier weights and more protein, I no longer fixate on the scale or my imperfections. 

We all start somewhere! 2 years ago, I could barely even do a bodyweight single-leg hip thrust, and I hated doing them! Now I use a 50 pound dumbbell, and I’m actually excited to do them now so I can keep progressing. 

I’m happier now with my body than I ever have been. I’m heavier now than before, but this is the weight I am happiest at. 

I no longer work out to get smaller but to feel stronger and happier. We are meant to take up space, and that starts with changing our mindset of how women are supposed to look. 

Through sharing my story, I hope that I can inspire some of you to be nicer to yourself when it comes to your body. Focus on what your body can do, and the rest will come!


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