Simple Ways To Improve Your Body Image

Whether it’s inside or outside of the gym, your body image can influence your feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. A negative body image can result in negative thoughts and feelings that place limits on being and feeling like your best self and living your best life… let’s see if we can help with that!

Here are 6 simple ways to improve your body image.

Positive affirmations

Your mind is so much more powerful than you think! Let’s fill it with positive statements about yourself, daily! 

Redefine your measures of success

We often put a lot of value on the number that pops up on the scale but there’s more to success than just weight loss or gain. Improvements in sleep, energy levels, and mood are also huge wins and can factor into the definition of success

Revamp your work & living space

Declutter and surround yourself with views and scents that bring you joy in the places that you spend much of your time!

Social Media Cleanup

Does scrolling through your social media feed leave you feeling drained? Unfollow any account that doesn’t align with your values or just leaves you feeling poorly about yourself.

Setting Boundaries

If you find yourself stuck in a bathroom mirror or group chat pity party with your friends, politely excuse yourself from the negative self talk. They say that misery loves company but fortunately for you, it is acceptable to set any boundaries that you need to in order to feel your best! 

Rock it & Own it

You know that outfit that you’ve been dying to wear but you don’t because you’re afraid of what others may think? WEAR IT! Express yourself in the clothes that you love and feel most confident in.

We know it can be tough to reframe your thoughts on body image, but we hope these tips can help get you started! Subscribe to our email list or follow us on Instagram for more tips like these!


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