On-Demand Workouts NOW LIVE!!

LIVE NOW! Introducing Booty Lab On-Demand Workouts! The newest on-demand feature is now available on the Booty Lab by Becca app.

 You can now workout with ME on-demand anytime, anywhere on the Booty Lab by Becca App. Follow along with my real-time videos as we complete all the workouts in my 4 week program! 

This feature is available for both my at-home and gym programs, so you can workout with me truly anytime, anywhere! These videos are great for those who need some guidance or just want to feel like they aren’t alone in their workouts. It’s basically personal training, but you make your own schedule!

You can get the first workout of my 4 week program for FREE by following the link below. Test it out and see what the hype is about!

In honor of the On-Demand launch, we will be starting the new 4 week program as a collective group next Monday, April 4th! The Booty Lab ladies using the app will be completing the workouts at the same time and sharing our experiences on the exclusive Booty Lab Facebook group that you will be added to once you download the app!

Enjoy being part of a great community of bad ass women as we work on becoming the best versions of ourselves!

Choose your program and download the app today so you can get started with us on Monday with the new on-demand workouts!! 


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Favorite Shoulder Exercises

Favorite Shoulder Exercises

Our Favorite Shoulder Exercises We focus a lot on the glutes at Booty Lab becuase that is our specialty, but we make sure to work the upper body too!! Full body strength is very important! Today, we are focusing specifically on shoulder exercises. The shoulders get...

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How to do Hip Thrusts at Home

How to do Hip Thrusts at Home

How to do Hip Thrusts at Home Even if you don't have access to a gym bench, you can still do one of the Booty Lab favorites! 1. Find a stable couch, bench or chair that is relatively low to the ground. Whatever you have at your house will work! Doesn't have to be...

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