How to Progressive Overload Lunges

At-Home Progressive Overload

Take your lunges up a level with Progressive Overload – even at home without weights!   

So, what is progressive overload: – It’s when you gradually increase or “do more” over time to build strength! – More reps, adding weight, etc. – Once you’ve perfected your form on a specific exercise, you can start progress overload.  

Knowing ways to Progressive Overload is SO important especially when you’re working out at home with minimal equipment. If your lunges start to feel “a little easy” and your hitting all your reps, it’s time to take it up a notch!  

1. Add More Reps
2. Try Eccentric Lunges = SLOWWWW it down
3. Pause at the Bottom
4. Create a Deficit  

These tips can be used to progressive overload several at-home movements.

Watch: how to progressive overload lunges

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How to Progressive Overload Lunges | At-Home Progressive Overload

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