How to Progressive Overload a Push-Up

Some tips on how to get a push-up or advance your push-up!

We talk about progressive overload a lot because it really is that important! Most of the time, though, you think about it with squatting heavier or lifting heavier, but you can also do it with a mainly body-weight exercise like a push-up!

Here are some ways to progress your push-ups:

1. Elevated Push-Up from the Bar

2. Elevated Push-Up from the Bench

3. Push-Up from the Floor

Watch: HOW TO progressive overload a push-up

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How to Do Each Push-Up Advancement

Targets: Triceps, Pecs, Shoulders

Elevated Push-Up from the Bar

Using a racked bar, countertop or other elevated surface, position your hands slightly wider than shoulder width apart. Keeping your booty tucked, core tight and body straight, lower yourself to the bar to where your chest is touching the bar. Push back up into the starting position for one rep.

Elevated Push-Up from the Bench

Use a bench, chair or other elevated surface that is closer to the ground. Doing the same movements as before, keep your glutes squeezed and tucked, core tight and body in a straight line. Lower yourself down to the bench to where your chest is touching and push yourself back up.

Push-Up from the Floor

Get into a plank position with your hands shoulder with apart. Keeping your body in the straight plank position, lower yourself to the ground, keeping your arms at a 45 degree angle from your body. Keep your lower back flat and your core engaged and begin to push yourself back up until you are back in the plank position.

How to advance floor push-ups

1. Add a weight to your back

2. Add a band to your back

3. Elevate your feet

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