How to Get a Good Workout with Limited Time

You don’t need an hour to get a good burn!

If you following the Booty Lab by Becca app, then here’s a simple workout if you are short on time.
Workout example from our app:
Focus on the first 2 exercises pushing yourself to get the highest reps in the range provided or pushing the weight.
Then move to the second set of exercises skipping the last part. If you are really short on time skip the second set of exercises and move to the end with the finisher.

Watch: how to get a good workout with limited time (part 2)

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Workout Plan


Set 1: 3 Rounds

Single Arm Shoulder Press – Reps: 8-15

Good Mornings– Reps: 8-15

Set 2: 3 Rounds

Bent Over Row – Reps: 8-15

Squat with 3-sec hold – Reps: 10

Set 3: 3 Rounds

Supine Banded Abd – Reps: 20

ISO Hold Banded Glute Bridge – 60 seconds

How to Get a Good Workout With Limited Time (Part 2)

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