How to Celebrate Thanksgiving in a Healthy Way


Holidays can be so exciting but also very stressful for some people. If you’re working towards a certain fitness or nutrition goal, you might view the holidays as a setback or roadblock. This time of year, though, it’s important to focus on giving yourself grace. Here are some tips on how to coast through the holidays with zero guilt and zero stress. It’s time to enjoy yourself!


This is for all you control freaks, lol! Hey, I’m speaking to myself too. It’s time to sit back and know that some things are out of your control. This is a crazy time of year full of traveling, parties and interrupted routines. The way you handle these changes is what becomes really valuable for your personal growth and mental health.

Remember, this is one day, so you can decide how you want this to go. If you’re currently working towards goals and Thanksgiving is a nervous environment, then relax and remember one meal or one day will not dictate your goals. You will not get thrown off the path you have been working towards after one dinner! Take time to enjoy the present moment you are spending with freinds or family. Eat a nice meal and focus on getting back to your regular routine after the celebration is over. Being able to adapt to change, go with the flow and still hop back into your routine is how you stay on track and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

P.S. I can promise that your favorite fitness influencer is indulging in a nice Thanksigiving meal and taking the day off of training!!

Physical Tips

One thing you can do to help with your desire to stay active is to find an activity to do with your family. Play a board game, go on a group walk, join in a game of football or basketball or do a family workout. There are plenty of things you can find to do during the idled time in between meals and parties.

Nutrition Tips

One big tip for handleing Thanksgiving is to eat a good breakfast! A lot of people tend to think “I’m going to skip breakfast because of all the foods I will be consuming later on today”. However, eating a good meal prior will help you stay balanced mentally and physically by inhibiting overeating. Then you can eat comfortably and really enjoy your nice Thanksgiving food!

As I said before, just remember that Thanksgiving is just one day (or weekend) out of the year. Taking part and celebrating is not going to set you back at square one on your journey. Enjoy your time and focus on getting back to your regular routines after it is all said and done!

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