Glute Burnout with a Mini Band Glute Loop

Do this at the end of your booty workout for a serious burn!

At Booty Lab, we love adding a few glute burnout exercises at the end of our booty workouts to make sure we are really getting the most out of our workout! All you need is a glute loop exercise band (or something similar) to get a good burn! The emphasis will be on the hamstrings and the glutes.
In today’s burn-out, both of these exercises may vary depending on your hip mobility.
Tip: don’t force the range of motion. Focus on what you can do and, that may be without a band.
2 Rounds x30 seconds per side 
Standing hip extension
Donkey kicks

Watch: Glute Burnout with a Mini band glute loop

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How to Do Each Glute Burnout Movement

Band Tip: If your band is super tight place it higher up on your legs so you can get a wider stance.

Standing Hip Extention

Targets: Glutes, hamstrings

Stand up and hold on to the wall, a rack, or anything to stabalize yourself. Make sure your core is engaged and your booty is tucked. Lift one leg at a time out behind you as far as your hip will allow, squeezing your glutes. Lower back down for one rep and do at a speed that feels comfortable to you.

Donkey Kicks

Targets: Glutes, core, shoulders

Get in a table top position. Tuck your pelvis under and keep your core engaged. Press your heel straight up into the air and lower. Remember to keep your core engaged so that yo do not arch your back when extending your leg.

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