Get an effective glute workout!

The focus for this workout is the glute squeeze. Too many people go through the motions without feeling their glutes.

Why is that?

A few things come to mind: Speed, which is making the workout aerobic, not foucisng on the mind-muscle connection (aka what muscle you are working), or not taking the time to squeeze those glutes.

I don’t care how advanced you are; this workout will be very challenging if you follow these tips.

Glute Workout for Women

Effective Glute Workout for Women


3 Rounds
Bulgarian split squat x10/side

Feet Elevated Single leg Glute bridge x10/side 

3 Rounds 
Glute bridge x10 w/5 sec hold and squeeze
Fire hydrants  x10/side
Side-lying hip raise  x10/side 

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