Benefits of Strength Training for Women


Strength training is our passion, goal, and release here at Booty Lab. Honestly, we could go on and on about WHY you should practice strength training as a woman! The benefits are endless, which is why we love it so much! Here are some of the benefits of strength training…let us know if we convince you?

Physical Benefits

One of the more obvious reasons women strength training is the physical benefits. Strength training helps you build and maintain muscle mass. While cardio is also good for your body, it doesn’t deliver the same results as weight lifting. As we have mentioned many times before, through progressive overload, your muscles adapt to the increase in weight you are lifting, which causes them to grow. In addition to making your muscles stronger, it also makes your joints stronger. Since strength training is typically lower-impact, it places less strain on your joints which helps prevent injury. For example, do you find that your back aches or you don’t have the stamina while packing and moving? We all have moved at one point in our lives, and this is a situation I always see the benefits of strength training. Additionally, many strength training movements mimic traditional functional movements like standing up from a chair or lifting something off the ground. These are exercises that help keep your joints flexible and active.

Another thing we preach here at Booty Lab is that strength training doesn’t make you bulky! This common myth might deter some people from trying it out. In fact, weight lifting can help with weight loss and weight management. It enables you to create lean muscle mass, which helps your body burn more calories at rest.

Mental Benefits

Most people practice strength training because it can transform their body physically. But did you know that it can also change your body mentally?

One of the many reasons we love it is because it can boost your mood and make you happy! When you take time for yourself, make commitments, reach goals, and release endorphins in the actual workout, your mood improves. There is also something to be said about the mind-body connection when you strength train. You become more in-tune with your body and are more aware of what works for you. It allows you to listen to your body to increase the weight or improve your form. Along with your mood improving, many have experienced their feelings of depression or anxiety lessen with strength training.  

Improved self-esteem and confidence are also a byproduct of this type of training, which is excellent for your mental state. Lastly, strength training can improve your brain health by helping with memory and keeping your mind sharp. As a result, it helps prevent dementia and other cognitive declines.

While this might seem like a lot (and it is), we have really just scratched the surface of the many benefits of strength training. So come workout with us or join us on the Booty Lab by Becca app to see for yourself!

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