Basic Strength Movements for Maximum Results

It’s important to get the basic strength movements down first before advancing to anything harder!

We see crazy exercises all the time on Instagram! But why overcomplicate things?!

I get it! You want to do something hard… but let’s think about the people making these moves… Are they a certified training or just some Insta promoter?! Just because you do a complicated workout or exercise doesn’t mean you’ll get the results you want.

I like to keep it SIMPLE! I train my Booty Lab babes to learn the basic movements and build in weight and more reps over time. Do these basic strength lifts and reach maximal results you can track – instead of doing random movements that overcomplicate exercises.

Watch: Basic Strength Movements for Maximum Results

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Instead of this: SLDL with Row…Do this: Weighted Single Leg Deadlift
Instead of this: Box Jumps into Burpees…Do this: KB Swing
Instead of this: Squat Bicep Curl into Shoulder Press….Do these: Thrusters
Instead of this: Lunge Knee Kick into Hinge….. Do this: Weighted Squat

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