Advanced Glute Burnout

Let’s finish out booty day strong!

This is a pretty challenging burnout because you are doing two movements that are working both your gluteus medius and minimus, which is your side and upper booty.
Bear crawls iso-hold with abductions not only work the same muscle groups as the monster walks, but they also work your shoulders and core as well. Don’t be worried if you feel a burn in those areas, as long as you are staying in a table top position low to the ground you will be good!
Here is the band that I use.
3 Rounds x 30 seconds
Monster walk
Bear crawl iso-hold with abduction

Watch: Advanced Glute Burnout

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How to Do Each Advanced Glute Burnout Movement

Band Tip: If your band is super tight place it higher up on your legs so you can get a wider stance.

Monster Walk

Targets: Glutes, hips

Place your band around your legs. Hinge slightly at the hips and keep your knees pressed out. Step forward one foot at a time, then step backwards one foot. Follow a right-left-right-left pattern for 30 seconds.

Bear Crawl Iso-Hold with Abduction

Targets: Shoulders, chest, back, glutes, hamstrings, core

Get into a table top position on the ground as if you are going to do a bear walk. Lift your knees off of the ground slightly and stay low. Abduct by pressing your knees outward and then inward while they are raised off of the ground. 


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