3 Ways to do Seated Band Abductions with the Glute Loop

Try out this mini band burnout with seated band abductions!

Today’s workout is focused on the seated band abduction as a mini band burnout! Grab your exercise band and a bench or chair and follow along with the video. We’ll be teaching you 3 different variations to the seated band abduction exercise that you can use at the end of your booty workout as a burnout!
1 Round
50 reps each
1. Feet together
2. Hip width
3. Wide stance

Watch: 3 Ways to do seated band abductions with the glute loop

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How to Do Each Seated Band Abduction Variation

Basic Seated Band Abduction

Targets: Glutes, hips, thighs

Sit on the bench (or chair) with your back straight up and your feet flat on the floor. Put the resistance band on your legs right above your knees. Then, push your knees away from each other and then slowly bring them back together for 1 rep.

Feet Together

Place your feet together and keep them flat on the floor throughout the whole movement. Follow through with the basic movement.

Hip Width

Place your feet hip width apart and follow through with the basic movement. Press your knees out as far as they can go.

Wide Stance

Place your feet a little wider than hip width apart and press your knees out as far as you can. Follow through with the basic movement.

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