“Abs are made in the kitchen.”

It’s true, but that doesn’t make plain salads taste any better. You found a few meal ideas that you like, but repeatedly eating the same meal doesn’t sound appealing.


We want to take the guess work out of finding reliable sources, so we decided to share our favorite sites. Enjoy!


1)MyFitnessPal (Free)


Photo via: MyFitnessPal

“Baked Banana French Toast”


This is an app that is mostly used for tracking calories. It will help you understand where most of your calories are coming from. It serves as a great reference to see how your diet is affecting your progress. This is a great tool to help you understand what you are putting into your body on a daily basis. 

The reason it made our list is for the recipes that you find on the the app. The blog has inspired new ideas and serves as a great alternative to making foods that are usually unfriendly to our fitness goals.



2)PaleoOMG.com (Free)



Photo Via. PaleOMG

Chorizo Plantain Hash

Are you simply looking for delicious recipes? This site is for you. An entertaining form of finding recipes to say the least. The writer loves sharing her latest life stories along with giving you her newest recipe.


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3)Fitmencook.com (Free/ $2.99)*

This is one of our favorite resources. An educational source for meal prepping and delicious recipes. The app for this site allows you to find recipes based on ingredients you like, and make your grocery list on the app as well.

One of the seamless features it offers, is that it updates your grocery list when you select a recipe you want to try, a great guide when you are preparing for your week or finding meal ideas that your family will love. It was voted App Store Best of 2015 by Apple.

*App is only available on Apple products.  



4)Tone it up (Free)


Almond Joy Protein Truffles

A comprehensive collection of exquisite meals that are simple to make. They make it easy to find smoothies, meals, and snacks recipes.

5)Eatright.org (Free)


Photo via EatRight.Org

Power up Pizza

A resource that is run by the certifying board of registered dietitians, offers both scientific information for specific needs along with simple recipes.   

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring or meticulous. Health is a priority and time is precious. When you feel good, you make the most out of your time.

Share any resources that make eating healthy easy for you!


Want personalized nutrition advice? Email us at WilmingtonPerformanceLabs@gmail.com to see Kari, our Registered Dietitian.