This topic goes out to all my peeps that live to eat! Basically, I’m writing this article to myself!

Dear Rebecca,

You love food so much that you always want to eat until every bite is gone. You love foods like pizza and Mexican and you can’t help but race to the finish when eating out with your husband.  Seriously, I’ve been told that I eat like a man and you must have good genetics. Absolutely not! I admit that I do love food, but I don’t let it control my life.

I have learned over the years several things that keep me from binging. 


Number one common rule, remember that this isn’t your last meal. The foods you are consuming will come around again. You will have access to eating pizza or having a cupcake another day. I always tell my clients that we put too much emphasis on our foods. We put our foods “on a peddle stool.” 

So, by allowing yourself one or two pieces of pizza is perfectly fine because you can have pizza again next week. If we binge every single time we eat something we love, then we start to build a negative idea of our foods. Your mind is strong and smart and can start to remember these feelings of guilt when eating these foods. So, save yourself the headache and have a couple of slices. 


Two: What if you can eat a couple of slices of pizza, but you are still starving! This has happened to me more times than I can remember. Key tricks to help with this:

Don’t make your pizza the whole meal. Add a salad to start and some protein to help the filling process. Then, once you get to the pizza you feel satisfied (Ahhh!).

Now, if your someone that doesn’t like salad or choose just to partake in pizza, fine! I got your back, too. Fill yourself with water. Have you ever noticed how full you feel when you guzzle a glass of water? Of course you have! This nifty trick can cure any craving you may have. 


Lastly, a very important rule when going out to an event or eating out with friends. It never hurts to eat a snack before dinner. I know, I know, you’re going to eat! Guess what? You still get to eat! This will just help curve the hunger and allow you to eat a little lighter throughout the night.

There you have it! My key tips and tricks! Now go out and eat smart!

Binge eating

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