Bowls, Bowls, Bowls! Bowls I do adore! (Jay-z baby!)

All things are good when they come in a bowl.

I am known to cook a lot of different things that don’t make anything. I think this is the key to my success with meal prep. I have been through the vicious cycle of spending an entire day of meal prep, and it is exhausting!

The most daunting part is the question: Is Chris going to want what I am making? (a.k.a. my husband)

Meal Prep for Bowls

Obviously, we don’t always like to eat the same things. We also don’t like to make our foods the same way so how do you get around this? BOWLS!

As I have previously spoken about, buy things you like to eat and make that a part of your prep for the week. So, I simply buy what’s in season or whatever I am feeling at the moment.

Once I have established the protein, carb, and fat, I build it however I choose. Bowls are a great way to eat because my bowl doesn’t have to look like Chris’s bowl. He gets to build it however he chooses, and I don’t get blamed for a meal fail – haha! 

Healthy Mexican Bowls

If you have learned anything about me, it’s that I love Mexican food! This is something I love to make into healthy bowls.

The base can be beef, turkey, chicken, or even tofu. Then, add whatever toppings you would like. A typical bowl for me is:

  • Meat of choice
  • Salsa
  • Lettuce
  • Jalapeños
  • Crunched up tortillas chips of choice
  • Topped with greek yogurt

Simple and delicious!  

What are your favorite foods to eat? Comment and tag me in your favorite bowls. 


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