One Month At-Home Fitness Plan

30-Day Fitness Plan

Summer is right around the corner! And while I believe fitness is a year round lifestyle, now is a great time to commit to a fitness program.

This free 30-day plan is complete with a schedule and full-length videos to follow along with for each workout. Each workout is a total body workout with a focus on the booty, of course!

Who is this 30-day plan for?

  • You like (or need) to workout at home.
  • You have little to no equipment. All you need is a yoga mat and internet access!
  • You like a schedule and accountability, but need a litte flexibility.
  • You have time for 3-4 workouts per week.
  • You like to follow a trainer and like instructions during your workout.

What You’ll Get:

3 Workouts + 1 Bonus Workout

Full-length Videos for Each Workout

Email Reminders for Each Workout

Ready to build that booty and reach your fitness goals?

Sign up for our 30-day at-home fitness plan!

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