Healthy habits for a healthy heart

Jonathan Recinos


With fitness models serving as poster children for fitness and health it’s easy to forget the true merit of healthier habits. Aside from looking great, healthy habits result in higher energy levels, less stress and anxiety. These are some of the benefits that make your day significantly more enjoyable for you and those around you.

We paired up with the American Heart Association of Cape Fear during Heart Month to help individuals build healthy habits and raise awareness of the severity of heart disease.


What is Heart Month?

February is heart month, a time dedicated to “raising awareness about heart disease and how to prevent it” according to the Learn more about what you can do to join the movement here. 1 out of 4 deaths are related to heart disease. A high number considering that 80% of these cases are preventable through healthier habits.

Donation Based Work Outs

We will host a group work out every Saturday at 9 am during February. The goal is to raise $1000 through these work outs. The work outs are designed for maximum fat loss and muscle retention. In other words, they are great for toning!

All of our coaches will be present to ensure you get the most pleasant and safest workout experience. Read this if you want to know more about our coaches and the expertise they can offer you during the work outs.

This is an ideal situation for those who want to become fit with the use of expert exercise instruction and motivation.


American Heart Association heart Month

Join us February 27 at 9 am for our last work out benefiting AHA.


You decide how much you would like to donate at every work out. All proceeds go to American Heart Association of Cape Fear. Every dollar helps!

We will host these work outs in March, all proceeds will go to The Carousel Center. 

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