Why you Should be Following a Fitness Program

It’s no shock that we are big fans of following fitness programs here at Booty Lab. After all, that is our whole Structure! So, we are going to preach it from the rooftops! 

Make Sure You are Actually Making Progress

If you are skipping around to random workouts and not sticking to a workout plan, you won’t see any progress in a timely manner. By following a fitness program, you can track your progress and make sure you are practicing progressive overload. This helps by challenging your muscles to adapt and strengthen as you add weight, reps, time, etc., to your routine. In addition, following a plan allows you to see changes in your strength and body over shorter periods of time, which will help you to continuously see progress and maintain a positive relationship with the gym and working out. 

Gives you Structure

Sticking to a workout program also helps you give Structure to your day. You can create a schedule for your day that includes time for a workout, which gives you something to look forward to each day. This allows you to build healthy habits and implement them into your schedule. By sticking to a schedule, you will also be able to plan out your rest and recovery days, which are vital to building strength and seeing progress in the gym. Finally, following a plan is a great way to streamline your gym time to fit it into your schedule, no matter how busy that schedule is. A plan also allows you to cut down on your prep time for the gym or how long you spend just hopping around at the gym, searching for what to do next. 

Prevents Burnout

When you stick to a structured plan, it can help you avoid workout burnout. Burnout can be a huge killer when it comes to your progress in the gym because if you’re not feeling the workout, you’re going to find yourself not giving it your all. While it’s not always bad to take it easy in the gym, not feeling a workout can often lead to poor form, leading to injuries and setbacks that will keep you out of the gym much longer. Find a schedule that works for you, and give yourself time for rest and recovery. 

Helps You Reach Your Goals Quicker

When you follow a program, you can set goals for yourself and reach them in a timely manner. Tracking the number of reps or weight you are using from week to week is a great visual aid to show your progress when other progressions aren’t as quickly visible. When you are aimlessly working out without a plan and doing different exercises each time you get to the gym, it prevents you from making real progress because it does not allow you to see your progress. When you follow a fitness program, you create your own goals and a plan on how to realistically meet them and avoid the frustration of not “seeing any progress.” 

Tip: Find a workout style that best fits you, then find a fitness program to follow within that style. Don’t force yourself to participate in workouts that don’t benefit your body and mind. Everyone likes different things, so find yours and get to it!

If you need some direction or accountability with your fitness routine, give us a call! We would love to help you out whether you are working out in the gym with us or on the app


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