Total Body Warm-Up + How to Video

Hi, Booty Lab ladies! I have people ask me all the time: What should I do to warm-up before lifting weights?

You ask and you shall receive! This warm-up can be used for any strength day.

I recommend 3 rounds with 5-10 reps of each:

  • Bird dogs – this is great for the back and core!
  • Sit to stands – total body movement
  • Glute bridges – glutes
  • I’s, y’s, and t’s – upper body and back

Why are warm-ups so important?

1. They literally help your body “warm-up”! This allows more oxygen to get to your muscles which is important for when you start your workout! It also helps prepare your heart for more strenuous exercise.

2. Warming up helps prevent injury by improving your muscles’ elasticity.

3.  It helps with flexibility and range of motion which can make your workouts more effective. 

4. Warming up also gives you a chance to mentally prepare for your workout. Use your warm-up as a chance to clearly your mind of daily distractions and focus on YOU!


Best Warm-up for Strength Training Workouts

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