A ten minute work out for a better road trip

By Will Bennett

Do you want to get into better shape, but feel like you can’t because you don’t know what exercises to do, don’t have time, or don’t have gym equipment? It can be difficult to focus time and energy on our health when we are constantly bogged down with other responsibilities. If you are reading this, however, we hope it’s because you’re determined to overcome all those meager obstacles and make your fitness a priority! With just your bodyweight and a little motivation, you squeeze in a killer workout–no matter where you are or how tight your time constraint.

This workout is great for those who are pressed for time. There are three levels for each category listed below: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Pick one exercise level from each series that is right for you. Remember, never sacrifice quality of movement for intensity!

It’s time to get started! Set a clock for 10 minutes and complete as many rounds as possible.

You will perform 8 reps from each exercise series. If it is an exercise that uses time then you can do it for 20 seconds.

For example, 1 round for a beginner may look like this:

  • 8 glute bridges
  • 8 modified push-ups
  • :20 plank hold
  • :20 mountain climbers

Bodyweight leg exercises:

Hip bridge from the floor, Bodyweight squat, Prisoner squat jump

If your knees bother you, then it will be best to do a hip bridge. If you can squat comfortably and want more of a challenge, then the prisoner squat jump will be a good fit.


Health is happiness. Learn how we can help.

Bodyweight upper body exercises

Push-up from elevated surface,  Standard push-up, Plyo push-up

The higher the surface you do your push-up, the easier it will be. Make sure you are using a height that fits your fitness level.

Bodyweight core exercises

Static plank hold, Plank alternating leg lifts, Alternating two point plank

As we take away a point of contact with the floor, the degree of difficulty increases. Make sure to keep your core tight and avoid hyperextending your lumbar spine.

High intensity bodyweight exercises

Modified mountain climber, Mountain climber from floor, Sprints in place

This last progression will elevate your heart rate subsequently making all of the other exercises more difficult.

These are only 4 bodyweight exercises out of the hundreds of others not listed. A lack of time or equipment doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your fitness. All you need is a few minutes and some well planned bodyweight exercises to help you when in a bind.

These types of workouts should be paired with a healthy diet and more in depth strength and conditioning program. I hope this information will help some of you begin to workout or become more comfortable working out while on the road traveling.

Email me at Will@WilmingtonPerformanceLab.com if you have any questions or suggestions you would like to share, I’d love to hear from you!

Health is happiness. Learn how we can help.


About the Author

Will Bennett, Wilmington Performance Lab Personal Trainer

I am a personal trainer because I believe everyone should be their best self. Every individual has the ability to achieve this, but many need someone who can unlock their potential. I take pride in my ability to help clients push themselves to places they have never been before and achieve their every goal. Running a 5k, losing 10 lbs, completing a marathon or Spartan Beast, no matter the challenge, every individual possesses the inner strength to complete their goal.

“To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.” -Steve Prefontaine