Test Your Glutes with the Glute Loop | Hip Thrust Challenge

We have another glute challenge for you!

This week it’s all about Hip Thrusts! This is one of my FAVORITE booty exercises, so we are always doing them in the gym!
It’s important to know how to do the basic movement, so watch the video for tips on how to do a proper hip thrust before trying.
For the challenge, see how many reps you can get in 2 minutes. Set your timer and get that booty burning! Caroline reached 100 reps, so try it out and let us know how many you are able to do!
Time: 2 minutes
Movement: Banded Hip Thrust

Watch: Test Your glutes with the Glute Loop | Hip Thrust Challenge

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How To Do A Hip Thrust

Band Tip: If your band is super tight, place it higher up on your legs so you can get a wider stance.

Place your band around your legs. Position the bottom of your shoulder blades on the top of the bench, box or chair. Keep your core tight and your pelvis tucked. Lower yourself down all the way and then by driving through your feet, lift your hips up. Keep your weight in your feet and shoulder blades and squeeze your glutes at the top. Keep your knees pressd out. Slowly lower back down for 1 rep.

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