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I love lifting weights but I don’t always use barbells. There are many exercises you can do to strength train. Here are a few of my favs!

Try this as a burn out to your hip thrust or glute bridges and let it burn!

Follow Along With the Video to See How Each Exercise is Done!

Strength Workout

DB single leg hip thrust x10-20/side

Donkey kicks x10-20/side

Wall sit with banded abduction x10-20

Dumbbell Single Leg Hip Thrust

Start with your back on a bench and a dumbbell on your hip. Keep one leg at a 90-degree angle at the hip and drive the other foot into the floor to lift your hips up while squeezing your booty. Lower your hips back to the starting position for one rep.

Donkey Kicks

Place the band above your knees. On all fours with your knees under your hips and hands under your shoulders, kick your leg up while keeping your knees bent. Lower your leg to floor for one rep.

Wall Sit with Banded Abduction

Place a resistance band above your knees. Then, get in a seated position against the wall with knees bent and feet about shoulder width apart. Use your upper glutes to push your knees out, and then return to the starting position for one rep.

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