Smart Fitness Practices

 There are a lot of people putting a lot of information out there about the best way to handle your fitness journey. How hard should you push yourself? How many rest days do you take? How much water should you drink? These are all important questions that you should know the answers to when going through your fitness journey. Today we are shedding some light on some of these questions to help you implement smart fitness practices into your fitness journey. 

Workout Intensity

Although growth and progress often require you to get comfortable with being uncomfortable with changes and challenges, pain is not at all necessary. Pushing yourself beyond your limits and not allowing yourself time to properly rest and recover can lead to injury and can hinder your progress. Pain actually does not equal gain. 

Additionally, sweat doesn’t determine the quality of your workout. Your effort, intensity, and execution of the exercises involved determine the quality! A solid sweat session can feel great but it is not necessary 100% of the time or for every single workout.


Rest plays an important role in achieving your fitness goals and should be prioritized. It allows your muscles the essential time that they need to repair and adjust accordingly to new movements, exercises, and intensity in your routine. By not resting, you can inhibit this necessary process and adaption. Some people say “no pain, no gain,” but we say “no rest, no gain.”  Are you prioritizing rest and recovery in addition to your training? If not, it may be time to reevaluate your current routine.Your body (and muscle gains) will thank you! 

Water & Electrolytes

Water intake is essential! How much should you drink, though? The exact amount varies from person to person depending on many factors. On average, every adult should aim for about 3 liters of water daily. Typically 1 liter is consumed through the food that you eat, so strive to drink 2 additional liters of water throughout your day. 

If you are incorporating intense exercise, exerting yourself more than usual, sweating more than you usually would, or spending time in hot environments then you may need additional water. A good rule to follow is “more sweat= more water”. Lastly, don’t forget the salt! Without electrolytes, your body will not be able to absorb and utilize all of the water that you just drank! If you are not getting enough sodium, potassium, or magnesium from your diet then adding a daily electrolyte supplement may be helpful. As we said before, the amount of water may vary from person to person, but consuming enough water and electrolytes is essential to function and performance both inside and outside of the gym.

It is important to note that all of these smart fitness practices are habit based. Meaning, they are things that you should focus on making a habit in your life. They might require some work as you get in the groove, but eventually they will become second nature. 

If you need any help getting started on your fitness journey, getting back on track or just need some guidance as you navigate it, don’t hesitate to reach out to us! One of our trainers will be happy to help you get started in the Booty Lab gym or on the Booty Lab app


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