I hear all the time every reason and excuse of why you can’t exercise or why you can’t eat healthily. Trust me I’m not knocking any of those reasons. In my personal opinion, we are creating personal boundaries in front of ourselves to give us an out.  An out, when we don’t lose the 5 pounds, we promised ourselves, or we didn’t work out 7 days a week as we promised ourselves time and time again.

What holds you back?

I love every person that comes to me, and every person has obstacles and crazy busy lives that keep them from being the successful person they want to be.

Or is it themselves that holds them back?

Are we really too busy to block out 2-3 hours per week? I’m here to tell you that self-care is not selfish! I repeat self-care is not selfish! On average, I see most people 2 to 3 hours in their entire week. Well, let’s do the math. You have 24 hours in a day times 7 days which equals 168 hours per week. And somehow that one, two, or three hours is not manageable to some people.

Why is that? I will tell you why. It’s because you don’t let yourself be a priority. We as women want to run around and do everything for everybody else and run ourselves down to the point that we have nothing left to give. That’s too late!

Self-care makes you better for yourself and others.

We need to be proactive and self-care, which makes us better for everybody else in our lives. Taking care of yourself makes you a better mother, makes you a better partner, makes you a better employee, and makes you a better boss.

Look, I get that it’s easier said than done. But setting yourself up for success in your week starts with scheduling time for yourself!

I get that things are going to happen and they do, and sometimes you really can’t make that gym session or have that great lunch you intended to make for yourself, but the more you schedule and get into the routine of bettering yourself, the less likely these things will happen. 

 So my advice is to stop talking about how you are too busy and start planning on how to make self-care work. It might require asking for help! Ask someone to watch the kids for an hour, or reprioritize your schedule. You will find that you are a better person to yourself and others. 



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