Mini Band Glute Burnout with the Glute Loop

Let’s get those glutes burning!

For todays mini band glute burnout I have two exercises that I always like to put together. Frog bridges can be tough to feel, but I have a couple tips on how to make these more concentratied in the glutes (read below).
The good thing about these two exercies are that if you aren’t feeling much in your glutes in the frog bridges, the seated band abductions will definitely bring the burn! They work the same muscle group just in a different way, so by the time you go back through on your second set, your glutes will definitely be on fire!
I focus on simple yet effective movements. It’s not about doing some cool exercises it’s about taking the basics and building. The purpose is to build strength and to see results!
Here is the band that I use.
3 Rounds x 30 seconds
Frog Bridge
Seated Band Abduction

Watch: mini band glute burnout with the glute loop

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How to Do Each Mini Band Glute Burnout Movement

Band Tip: If your band is super tight place it higher up on your legs so you can get a wider stance. Or, if you want more tension, place the band closer to your knees.

Frog Bridge

Targets: Glutes, core, inner thighs

Tip: Feet together, knees wide, put tension on the band, pause at the top, keep core tight!

Place your band around your legs. Lay on your back with the soles of your feet together about a foot or two from your booty (as close to you as you can get them). Expand your knees as wide as you can and press your hips up while keeping your elbows and shoulders planted on the ground and core tight. Squeeze your booty and pause at the top, and then lower for 1 rep.

Seated Band Abduction

Targets: Glutes, hips, thighs

Sit on the bench (or the floor) with your back straight up and your feet on the floor. Put the resistance band on your legs right above your knees. Then, push your knees away from each other and then slowly bring them back together for 1 rep.

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