How to Progressive Overload at Home with Little to No Equipment

Here are 3 different ways to use progressive overload.
First, you can add more reps. This can challenge the same movements over time.
Second, you can add a weight.
Third, you can use time under tension or range of motion.
If you are a beginner, start at the most basic, which is adding more reps. Once you have hit a specific goal then you can add weight, time under tension, or range of motion.
Regardless of your level of fitness, you can challenge yourself while working out from home.
Regardless of your level of fitness, you can challenge yourself while working out from home.

Try out these progressive overload tips

3 Ways to Progressive Overload

1- Add more reps

Set a rep goal and make sure you hit it each time

2- Add Weight

Choose a weight you feel most comfortable with and complete your reps holding the weight

3- Time Under Tension/Range of Motion

Time under tension- complete the rep at a slower pace, placing more tension on the target area

Range of motion- utilize equipment that allows you to get deeper into your movement such as boxes or plates

Benefits of Progressive Overloading

When you continually place a larger demand on your body, your muscles learn how to adapt to those demands and can better respond the next time that demand is placed. This must be continual in order to see improvement, though. Otherwise, if you take too many breaks, your body will almost “forget” the work you had put it through and you will not be able to progress as quickly. Progressive overload helps you to gain strength, build muscle, experience results quicker, and maintain an interesting workout routine.

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