Do you know the right way to do kettlebell swings?

Have you ever performed a kettlebell swing and feel like you are doing them wrong? Do you feel your lower back during or when you finished? If so, you probably have the wrong form, but don’t worry! I’m going to show you the right way.

When you’re doing a kettlebell swing, you’re not “swinging” the kettlebell with your arms. In fact, the power should be coming from your legs and glutes. When preformed correctly, kettlebell swings are a great total body exercise!

Watch the video to first see the common mistakes people make when doing kettlebell swings and then see how to do a proper kettlebell swing step-by-step!

How to do a Proper Kettlebell Swing

How to do a Kettlebell Swing

Pro tips:
  • Think about hinging not squatting 
  • Keep the kettlebell tight to your body so tight that you could hit yourself in the butt on the other side
  • Make sure your core is engaged as you swing through the movement

1. Stand tall, gripping the kettlebell. Keep arms loose and squeeze your shoulder blades together. Engage your core, soften your knees, and shift your body weight onto your heels. Hinge backward at the hips.

2. Drive through your heels, exploding through your hips to send weight swinging upward. Aim for chest height, arms extended. 

3. As the kettlebell descends, shift weight back onto your heels while hinging at the hips. Allowing the kettlebell to go back between your leg. Reset and repeat.

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