“The 12 Step Program”

Hi, my name is Rebecca and I don’t always like to workout… contrary to popular belief. People that are a personal trainer are not always motivated, do not always eat healthily, do actually enjoy drinking alcohol! What?! 

We are not machines, we actually like to enjoy food in life like every other person in this world! So what makes us different? What makes me better than you? Insert bleeps F*** NOTHING!!! I’m here to cut the bull**** and keep it real because otherwise, how are you going to live your life?! 

If you have read previous blogs that I have written. You know that I have competed in bikini competitions in the past. It was something I was always curious about and needed to check it off my list. I really enjoyed a lot of the experience in the fact that it made me very determined, confident, and consistent in my training and nutrition, but on the other hand, it limited me as well.

It made me fearful of many foods. I become an introvert unless I had my cooler of foods at all times. I couldn’t even go to the movies and enjoy myself because I had all the foods I couldn’t eat on my mind.

Yes, I had killer abs but I couldn’t enjoy life! I am telling you this because I believe in a balance. I always talk to my clients about creating a healthy life that you are happy with. If you are constantly dieting and limiting yourself, then are you happy?

If you love a crash diet or a cleanse for the rest of your life, then stop reading and go bananas. Otherwise, stick with me and know that you can have it all!

Ladies, I didn’t learn this overnight and it has taken me years to realize what happiness meant to me, but now I want to share it and hopefully help everyone find that in themselves. So, enjoy the foods you love, occasionally, and start to live your best life! 

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