Happy Wednesday, Babes! Let’s keep focusing on your form this week. If you want those booty gains, you have to take your time an build slowly. This Booty Gains Workout is a great place to start!

I see too many workout programs that promise results after 7,14, 30 days. Building lean muscle takes a minimum of 8-12 weeks to start seeing results. So, stay consistent and keep pushing towards those goals. 

Remember strength doesn’t happen overnight, but if you stay consistent you will reach your goals!

Follow Along With the Video to See How Each Exercise is Done!

Booty Gains Workout

3 rounds 

Zercher squats x10-20

Chest supported row x8-12

Side plank with abduction 10-20/side

Zercher Squats

Set the bar on the rack just below your elbows. Lift the bar up with it positioned in the crease of your elbows. Proceed to do your squat. Remember to keep your chest lifted and core engaged.

Chest Supported Row

 Set the bench at a 45 degrees incline. With your dumbbells, lay on your chest on the bench. Let your arms hang down with palms facing each other.  Bring the dumbbells to your ribs while squeezing your shoulder blades together and driving your elbows toward the ceiling. Slowly lower the dumbbells for one rep.

Side Plank with Abduction

Get into a side plank with your legs in a 45-degree angle and the bottom leg on the ground for support. Then slowly lower and lift your top leg while maintaining your side plank. Then switch sides.

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